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Toxins in our soap, toys, shampoo, creams, sunscreens, clothes, everywhere. Where do I start?

We are here to help keep your family and home non-toxic and safe!

Living Green NYCâ„¢ will come to your home to create a personalized plan for a safe and non-toxic home for you and your family. We make it affordable, without sacrificing quality or cleanliness in your personal care products or home cleansers. Jessica has spent years researching environmental toxins and ways to avoid them, while finding excellent, safe and cost-effective alternatives for you and your family. Jessica will work with you personally to find solutions for your specific needs, i.e., preparing a nursery, protecting the environment, kitchen and bathroom safety, furniture, pregnancy, infant, baby and child products, clothing, toy safety and more.

In 2004, Jessica Semmel, founder of Living Green NYC, read an article about a home made completely of non-toxic materials. This article resonated with her. She did more research, learning about the dangerous toxins that surround us everyday. Starting in 2005, slowly and methodically she made her home non-toxic. It seemed daunting at first, but she looked at her situation (renting an apartment in NYC) and she came up with a plan. Before her son was born in 2008, she looked around her apartment and realized that everything was safe. Jessica wants to share that experience with you. Jessica says it wasn't overnight but getting there and staying there is a wonderful place to be. "There is so much more research now. There are so many more products available." She went on a gut feeling from one article and now the research is plentiful and frightening. Please take this wonderful journey of creating a safe, non-toxic home for you and your family with Living Green NYCâ„¢.

Jessica is a Licenced Social Worker who is currently a New York City Teaching Fellow teaching special education in the south Bronx. Jessica is working on her second masters in Special Education at Pace University. Jessica lives in a non-toxic home in NYC with her family.

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