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Package Options

Light Green ~ A la Carte:

Bedroom, bathroom, nursery, living room, kitchen and/or bathroom. Choose as many or as few rooms as you would like for greening and detoxing.

$125 / room

This includes an assessment, evaluation and product suggestions and /or changes to have a greener and safer home.

Dark Green:

Room by room assessment and evaluation of your whole home, product suggestions, choices and changes to have a greener and safer home.

A personalized plan will be created, prioritizing your needs, in an non overwhelming manner.

$275 for up to three rooms.

Super Green:

Full comprehensive package including room by room assessment, evaluation and modification plans. After modification plans are approved, the developed plan will be implemented by Living Green NYC. All shopping will be done for you and all changes will be made. Purchased products are at an additional cost.


Each package includes a personal consultation and personalized planning for your specific needs and concerns. Ongoing support is available.

Living Green NYC.

One room at a time.

Family Packages:

Nursery Preparation


Nursery greening and detoxing

Baby shower and registry assistance or full set up


Greening the grandparents home


Trying to get your parents to understand that this generation is not the same."Since World War II, more than 80,000 new chemicals have been invented" (Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Children's Environmental Health Center 2011).

**New Service By Popular Demand**

Greening your office! Living Green NYC will come to your office and meet with your staff and teach about having a "greener" office space. This helps build morale, save money, keep staff healthier and help the environment.

Please call for prices.

Lectures and seminars available.